AGM 18th Nov


BRIEF RESUME – Minutes to follow idc.

Nine members present – Ten apologies for absence – two guests.

Meeting voted overwhelmingly to join forces with Walthamstow Horizontals for 2012. Details to be finalised in the new year.

Chris Wright elected chair pro-tem due to resignation of previous chair. S.Bignell nominal vice-chairmen. All offices temporary until new committee can be finalised after meeting with WH committee.


  • Player of 2011:  Chris Boden
  • Batsman:Chris Boden
  • Bowler: Chris Wright
  • Fielder: Rowan Allerton
  • Champagne moment: Rowan’s catch v.Octopus
  • Captain’s award: Steve Bignell

Xmas social to be arranged for West x1 & Horizontlals.

Provisionally name for new team:  Judd Street Tigers

BDOC retired


2 thoughts on “AGM 18th Nov

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  1. there were more than 9 of us as Chris folley and someone masquearding as Prab were also in attendance…I also felt the presence of a number of our ex players as well as Captain’s Ahab, Bleigh, Cook etc…its just so nautical in there…

  2. Pay attention at the back there. Two guests were mentioned above. Chris Folley (honorary member) and Prabhu Bapu (lapsed member). Only 9 full members attended.

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