Committee Meeting 8 Dec 2011 – Minutes

Present: Steve Bignell, Richard Burgess, Chris Dane, Craig Murray, Steve Rennie, Dave Scully, Matt Webster, Chris Wright

Chris Wright chaired the meeting. The joint committee agreed the acting interim committee for 2012 season will be as follows:

Chairman: Chris Wright
Vice Chairman: Matt Webster
President: Barry Needham
Captain: Chris Dane
Vice Captain: Craig Murray (Deputy: Chris Boden)
Treasurer: Steve Bignell (Assistant: Richard Burgess)
Fixture Secretary: Steve Rennie/Dave Scully
Organiser/Selector: To be d/w by captain with help of Team.Net system

The question of club democracy was discussed but it was agreed for the initial season the club would be run by the interim committee. There would be an AGM post season 2012 plus a seperate dinner/awards evening.

The name of the new club would be The Judd Street Tigers. Colours will be orange and black. The possibility of obtaining bespoke balls and kit/caps will be looked into.

The fixtures for 2012 have mostly been settled by the respective Fixture Secretaries of West X1 and Walthamstow Horizontals to encompass the best fixtures of both clubs. These will still include tours to Provence and Somerset.

It was agreed the WordPress website would be adapted as this was free and interactive for members. Chris Dane will continue as webmaster.

The respective Treasurers (Bignell/Burgess) will organise a revised club account. There is about £750 jointly held at present. Subscriptions will remain at the WX1 level of £60, plus match fees of £10. To be reviewed end of season.

There will a social evening (Quiz Night) early February 2012 for everyone to get together. Dave Rawlings has already arranged details so a venue just remains to be booked.

There will be five net sessions at Lord’s in Mar/April. Two nets will be booked each evening if possible.

The Chairman will approach various Tiger-related companies with a view to obtaining sponsorship.

Club stats/records will be maintained by Steve Bignell. There will be new stats for the new club but previous WX1/WH career records can be incorporated.

Steve Bignell and Matt Webster hold the respective club kits. These will be reviewed and amalgamated as necessary at the first game.


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