2013 season review

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By the BDOC

After a disappointing initial season, the Tigers roared back into form for 2013, winning no fewer than 16 of their 20 matches. On the excellent wickets at Winchmore Hill the club won all thirteen of its fixtures, never failing to total at least 200 when batting first in a full length match. Only on the road did they lack consistency, winning 3 out of 7 games, losing twice, with one match abandoned due to rain, plus a nail-biting tie with The Gentlemen of West London, arguably the most successful side on the social cricket scene in London in 2013. Chris Dane marshalled the team well with some thoughtful captaincy, leading by example with positive cricket throughout and allowing everyone, where possible, to have an equal chance in all departments.

Thankfully, the above-mentioned abandoned game (against Fives CC) was the only one seriously affected by bad weather, which was a marked contrast to 2012, when five games were cancelled and two others abandoned due to the wet conditions in the worst summer for many years. The batsmen posted over 200 in half of the 20 matches played, scoring in all 3690 runs for 115 wickets lost in 644.3 overs, at an average of 184.5 per innings and 32.08 per wicket, accumulated at a rate of 5.72 runs per over, or just under a run a ball. Only in the two defeats to Eastons and Cincinnati did the batting fail, a quite remarkable level of consistency for a team that can bat all the way down to number eleven should the need arise.

The improvement on the batting side was shown by the fact that no fewer than four players averaged over 50. Barnaby Pinfield finished top of the charts with an average of 60, though his form and appearances tailed off towards the end of the summer: the others were Mike Herlihy (50.88), Chris Wright (50.22) and Matt Webster (50.00 despite limited opportunities due to the success of the top-order batters). In addition, Rowan Allerton (ave. 47.25) and Chris Boden (42.25), also impressed when their chances arose.  Chris Dane was probably the most consistent batsman with 491 runs at an average of 37.76, including his long-awaited maiden hundred against the Old Grumblers after being dismissed for 92 and 96 earlier in the season. Chris Wright posted a record individual score for the club – 118 not out against a pubescent Southgate Adelaide attack – in the club’s record total of 268-5. Rowan Allerton’s undefeated 70 against Railway Taverners, made out of 101 in 11 overs of mayhem and containing 64 in boundaries (7 fours and 6 sixes) was perhaps the batting highlight of the summer.

Three other batsmen – Herlihy (458), Wright (452), and Pinfield (420) also topped 400 runs, with Mike Delanian on 303 (ave. 18.93). The opening partnership of the two Mikes, Herlihy and Delanian, showed great promise, despite the different styles of the two batsmen and the fact that they rarely flourished individually at the same time. Mike H proved a model of dependability, with no less than five half-centuries (best 69) in his role as sheet-anchor, rotating the strike to perfection all season. Mike D improved as the summer went on, his superb 55 against the Gents being an almost match-winning performance.

The two Ians, Porton and Daffern, also contributed with some quick, useful runs, as did Matt Webster. The more measured Richard Burgess had little luck with the bat all summer, despite his obvious ability, but improved gradually as the season unwound. Simon Warren, Craig Murray and Stewart Taylor never really got going with the bat, though proved their worth as all-rounders.

The bowling and fielding never quite matched the level of the batting, only completely dismissing the opposition in 7 out of 20 innings. Opponents totalled 3145 runs at an average of 157.25 per innings, the Tigers taking an average of eight wickets per match. Catches accounted for 63 of the 160 wickets taken, Chris Wright being the most successful with eight.

Chris Boden was the bowler with the best average – eight wickets at 10.12 with the season’s top figures of 5-26 in the opening match at Railway Taverners – followed by Simon Warren with 20 victims at 11.75 each. The leading wicket-taker was Chris Dane with 25 at 16.64, but the real workhorses of the attack were Matt Webster (21 wickets at 16.85), Dave Scally (17 at 28.94) and Chris Wright (a slightly disappointing 13 at 30.15). Dane, Scally and Webster all got through in excess of 100 overs, with the latter being by far the most economical at 3.36 conceded per over. Mike Delanian, Craig Murray and Stewart Taylor all weighed in with some usual wickets, although by and large the attack lacked variety, with few spin options. Stewart missed most of the season through injury, but showed in the final games that his new slow left-arm deliveries could be the missing ingredient for next season.

With Dave Rawlings unavailable for most of the summer, the wicket-keeping duties were mainly shared between Steve Bignell and Jimmy Carter, who is being groomed for the role in future, although his enthusiasm and agility may sometimes be needed in the outfield, along with Rowan Allerton, who was by far the best fielder, with four catches and numerous run outs.

Guy Garside had only limited opportunities to prove his worth, but shows promise in all departments, whilst the grizzled veteran Steve Rennie still has much to offer. Thanks also to James Lord and Gisli Bergman for helping out on occasion and hopefully we will see more of them next season.

On the fixtures front the club retained the Lord Nelson Cup with fairly routine victories over London Saints and Sunderland. The format for this competition may need to be reviewed for 2014. It was also disappointing that both scheduled tours had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. Hopefully these options, or new ones, can be reconsidered for next summer.

Results 2013
21/4 RAILWAY TAVERNERS 158 Boden 5-26
JUDD STREET TIGERS 162-4 Pinfield 49*, Boden 46
28/4 JUDD STREET TIGERS 214-8 Pinfield 72*, Porton 49
POTTER STREET 160 Taran 3-24, Webster 3-37
5/5 JUDD STREET TIGERS 254-4 Dane 92, Herlihy 65
DINDER & CROSCOMBE 130 Webster 2-11, Wright 2-17
27/5 JUDD STREET TIGERS 202-9 Pinfield 60, Wright 56
GRACES CC 190-8 Scally 2-25, Murray 2-43
2/6 JUDD STREET TIGERS 125 Warren 35
EASTONS CC 127-6 Warren 3-22
LONDON SAINTS 82-9 Dane 3-1, Warren 2-6
JUDD STREET TIGERS 84-4 Rennie 22*, Dane 22
JUDD STREET TIGERS 156-3 Allerton 52, Boden 37
SUNDERLAND 80-3 Warren 2-7
16/6 JUDD STREET TIGERS 227-7 Herlihy 69, Porton 64
OCTOPUS CC 161 Dane 4-33, Warren 3-22
23/6 JUDD STREET TIGERS 154-6 Pinfield 66, Webster 24*
FIVES CC 104-5** Wright 2-17
7/7 JUDD STREET TIGERS 264-7 Dane 96, Pinfield 54
N2 CASUALS 169 Warren 4-52, Dane 3-31
14/7 GENTLEMEN OF W LONDON 231-9 Porton 3-23, Scally 2-55
JUDD STREET TIGERS 231-10 Delanian 55, Herlihy 40*
21/7 CAMRA SW LONDON 231-6 Murray 2-45, Webster 2-84
JUDD STREET TIGERS 237-5 Webster 73*, Herlihy 63
28/7 MAGPIE & STUMP XI 186-8 Dane 3-6, Delanian 2-24
JUDD STREET TIGERS 188-2 Wright 105, Herlihy 63
4/8 JUDD STREET TIGERS 202-8 Dane 105, Daffern 22
OLD GRUMBLERS 183 Dane 3-17, Scally 2-30
11/8 JUDD STREET TIGERS 268-5 Wright 118*, Pinfield 49
SOUTHGATE ADELAIDE 222-7 Scally 2-32
18/8 CINCINNATI 179-7 Dane 3-32
JUDD STREET TIGERS 97 Wright 25, Daffern 19
1/9 ACME 146 Taylor 3-24, Webster 2-19
JUDD STREET TIGERS 148-2 Herlihy 54*, Delanian 33
8/9 RAILWAY TAVERNERS 123 Taylor 3-19, Warren 3-39
JUDD STREET TIGERS 124-1 Allerton 70*, Herlihy 39*
15/9 WHALERS CC 139-4
JUDD STREET TIGERS 140-4 Delanian 42*, Dane 40
22/9 JUDD STREET TIGERS 213-6 Boden 72, Burgess 43
VCC 143 Boden 3-21, Wright 3-39
** No result
Played Won Lost Tied No Res
Home 13 13 0 0 0
Away 7 3 2 1 1
TOTAL 20 16 2 1 1
2012 16 7 7 0 2
2013 20 16 2 1 1
TOTAL 36 23 9 1 3

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