May tour to Oporto is on – 2014

Great news – after 2013’s near misses and cock-ups we have a confirmed, early season tour.  The Tigers will visit the wonderfully appointed Oporto Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club in northern Portugal, playing 2 games on May 17th & 18th.

gout-cartoon_1Straddling the River Douro, Oporto is Portugal’s second city, and is known worldwide for both its bridges and the production of Port.  Every year the city plays host to thousands of red-nosed, middle-aged gentlemen of a certain age, eager to immerse themselves in its eponymous produce.  With many of the Tigers’ senior players know to suffer from gout, movement around the field promises to be more laboured and painful than ever.

Porto bridge – CC image courtesy of Ramón Peco

The Oporto Club was founded in 1855, 157 years before the Tigers played their first game. Oporto’s other claim to fame is FC Porto, twice winners of Europe’s champions trophy, most recently under the notorious anti-football gobshite Jose Mourinho.

Anyone interested in joining the tour contact Wrighty or Matt.  Detailed itinerary to follow.


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