WINCHMORE HILL CC Sunday 8 June 2014

JUDD STREET TIGERS 156-7 beat LONDON SAINTS 139-6 by 17 runs
JUDD STREET TIGERS 78-1 beat SUNDERLAND SC 74 all out by 9 wkts

The Tigers retained the Lord Nelson trophy with a narrow victory over London Saints and a more emphatic one over the Sunderland Select IX, Stewart Taylor taking the Tigers’ first ever hat-trick in the second match. Chris Wright made 77 not out in the clash with the Saints, but the best batting of the day came from Saints’ Louis Patel, with 85 not out against Sunderland and another 50 against the Tigers.

The Tigers opened proceedings against the Saints, fresh back from their trip to the West Indies. Mike Delanian struck a brisk 32 and Wrighty a pugnacious 50, at which point he retired under the competition rules. Sadly, he was not long idle as the home side suffered another mid-order subsidence, three wickets crumbling for no runs at 125, requiring Chris’s re-introduction to boost the total to 156 at the expiry of the 18 overs.

In the next session Sunderland appeared to be going well against the Tigers, thanks to some typically bold hitting from guest Rowan Allerton (37), which saw them comfortably placed at 71-3 with plenty of overs remaining. Taylor had earlier removed Mike Herlihy for 12 and thrown out Howey, but then destroyed the Sunderland innings in his final over, taking a hat-trick with no assistance, clean bowling B Wright, Dan and Wathan. Stewart’s renaissance this season has added a new dimension to the Tigers’ cricket, as has the all-round play of Ian Daffern, who mopped up the innings by bowling Rowan in the next over to finish with 2-1 in seven balls.

The Saints then played the best hand of the day, accumulating 159 against Sunderland, Chalmers hitting 48 and Patel 85 not out after another mid-innings retirement. Saints fine batting continued in their return innings against the Tigers, Chalmers (32), Patel (50 ret.) and Thomas (22) putting them within reach of an unlikely victory, but with Patel failing to get an opportunity to return they fell short, Ian’s acrobatic one-handed catch to out Keenan another highlight.

The Tigers then knocked off the required runs against Sunderland in just 8 overs, Delanian making 42 and Barnaby Pinfield 33 not out. As the day was getting late and the Saints had many walking wounded, Sunderland sportingly conceded their final innings.

It was an excellent day’s cricket, though the competition in its present format is becoming somewhat anachronistic. Sunderland could muster only five bodies, requiring the other two teams to loan out two players each. It is also something of a logistical nightmare as well as being a long, tiring day, especially as many of the combatants are well into their dotage! A revamp may therefore be necessary for next season if the contest is to continue.


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