Minutes of the annual general meeting – 2014

Held at the Island Queen, Islington, Thurs 6 November 2014

The Chairman opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending, including guests.

Members in attendance: Gisli Bergmann, Steve Bignell, Chris Boden, Richard Burgess, Ian Daffern, Mike Delanian, Mike Herlihy, Phil Hill, Craig Murray, Barnaby Pinfield, Ian Porton, Dave Rawlings, Steve Rennie, Stewart Taylor, Matt Webster, Chris Wright (16).

Apologies for absence; Jimmy Carter, Chris Dane, Simon Warren (3)

Guests: John McGirr, V Sangaralingam


Craig Murray thanked everyone for their efforts over the season, which had been something of a ‘curate’s egg’. The team had overall been stronger in the batting department, the bowling having been somewhat disappointing. Highlights included Phil Hill’s umpiring masterclass, Steve Rennie’s inspirational emails, Chris Dane’s sarcastic post-match reappraisals and Mike Herlihy’s early season meltdowns!


Steve Bignell advised the meeting that the club finances remained in a healthy position, but not quite as good as the previous year, as the club had to stump up for 2 late season pitches at Southgate (which had not been budgeted for) and also compensation for rooms not used during the Winchester weekend. However, it was not proposed to increase subscriptions from £60 nor match fees from £10. This was agreed by the meeting. Questions were then taken from the floor regarding individual aspects.


Matt Webster advised members that he intended to arrange 24 fixtures for 2015 – 12 at home (either Winchmore Hill or Southgate) and 12 away, including a return trip to Oporto (16/17 May) and a weekend in Essex (18/19 July v Eastons and one other). Other opposition would be left to his usual discretion.


The webmaster (Chris Dane) was not in attendance, but it was agreed that this was very good and had been noticed by more universal cricket sites who may wish to review and publicize the site at a later date. More contributions to the site by members would be welcomed. Chris could arrange for anyone who so desired to have access.


Craig Murray and Stewart Taylor were nominated for captain – Stewart winning on a vote.

Craig Murray and Richard Burgess were nominated for vice-captain – Richard winning on a vote.

The following officials were re-elected unopposed:

Chairman – Chris Wright

Vice-Chairman – Matt Webster

Treasurer/Secretary – Steve Bignell

Fixture Secretary – Matt Webster



Player of the year – Chris Wright

Batsman of the year – Barnaby Pinfield

Bowler of the year – Matt Webster

Fielder of the year – Jimmy Carter

Champagne Moment – Mike Delanian’s six wickets v Cincinnati

Captain’s Award – Steve Bignell


John McGirr was elected as a new member. It was agreed that new and younger recruits were needed and, rather than advertise, it was the responsibility of all members to introduce a friend or colleague that would be suitable.

NETS 2015

Chris Wright had booked net practice at Lord’s – six dates from 18/3/15 to 22/4/15 Wednesday nights 7-8 pm. The cost would probably remain at £5 per attendee.


Matt Webster (junior coach at Winchmore Hill) advised the meeting that some ‘senior’ coaching could be made available for members requesting it, though the individuals attending, rather than the club, would have to pay for it.


It was agreed that the annual subscription of £60 to WWF-Save the Tiger fund, should continue. There were discussions as whether this could be paid for by fining players for dropped catches, though it was argued that this could be divisive and the decision was inconclusive. However, the meeting, after some discussion and notification of statistics, agreed that ‘jugs’ (of beer) should now be purchased for general consumption by bowlers achieving four wickets in an innings instead of five, as a ‘five-for’ was a rarity compared to a batsman scoring 50 runs.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.


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