Stuck in the middle

The Judd Street Tigers are in the midst of a disappointing season, having won only 2 of their 13 matches so far. The team’s resident psychoanalyst, Brian Statsman, attempts to place his nerdy finger on what is going on.

After some substantial in-depth analysis of this season’s results, my investigations have revealed the four main problems, viz:

a) Failure to put a full side in to the field
b) Lack of bowling options
c) Continuous mid-innings collapses
d) Failure to defend big totals – see a) and b)

Clearly, a) and b) are connected and can only be resolved by the club members themselves showing more availability and commitment, but c) is by far the greatest reason for the team coming up short, as the following table will show.

  • v. Southgate Compton 74-2 to 120-8 – final total 150 – match LOST by 9 runs
  • v. Old Grumblers 46-1 to 69-8 – final total 95 – match LOST by 5 wickets
  • v. Graces 35-2 to 74-7 – final total 162-7 – match WON by 11 runs
  • v. Porto (1) – 101-2 to 115-6 – final total 193-9 – match LOST by 5 wickets
  • v. Porto (2) – 56-2 to 121-7 – final total 214-9 – match LOST by 1 wicket
  • v. Eastons – 41-1 to 89-7 – final total 122-7 – match DRAWN
  • v. Haringey Libraries 104-2 to 157-9 – final total 168 – match LOST by 4 wickets
  • v. Fives 94-2 to 146-8 – final total 190-8 – match WON by 2 wickets
  • v. Little Berkhamsted 111-3 to 129-9 – final total 200 – match LOST by 8 runs

There is an obvious pattern emerging here of solid starts, followed by a mid-order subsidence, then frequently a big tail-end partnership. There have been four stands of 50-plus (including two club records) between the 7th and 10th wickets. Both victories this summer have come in such circumstances – an unbeaten 8th wicket record of 88 (Dane/Webster) against Graces and an unbeaten 44 for the 9th wicket (Taylor/Daffern) v. Fives.

Three of the games listed above were lost by very small margins and included a seventh wicket association of 66 (Allerton/Folley) in the first Porto match and an eighth wicket of 70 in the second tour game (Allerton/Wright), plus a record 10th wicket partnership of 71 (Webster/Bignell) in the most recent defeat at Little Berkhamsted.

Failure to win after posting big totals (239 v N2 Casuals, 243 v Octopus) are related to not having a full set of fielders and shortage of bowling options. Huge scores were conceded against Acme (266 in 40 overs, 212 in 26 overs at Sampfords and 273 in 37 v Eastons), for the same reasons.

Food for thought. Anyway, after all this doom and gloom, here’s a funny picture to cheer you up.

FC CHELSEA (2003) - NEW TAPPING-UP SHOCK? 'I can play up front for 200k a week' 'Are you kidding me!'
‘I can play up front for 200k a week’
‘Are you kidding me!’

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