A damp squid

Tiger Towers Monday 27 July

paul-merson-cup.ashx_This weekend turned out to be what that virtuoso of the English language – Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson – would have called ‘a damp squid’, definitely putting the pigeons in with the cats. The Winchmore Hill 6-a-side tournament (the climax of their cricket week) was pulled for the second year running due to wet conditions, and after a Saturday of lovely weather, the Tigers’ Sunday fixture at the Paulin Ground went the same way.

Original opponents CAMRA had baled out at the eleventh hour, and although Matt did his usual excellent job in procuring another team to play, it was to no avail, the third cancellation so far in 2015 ensuing.

The paradox of all this is that, during a summer of unusually dry conditions (at least in the south of England), the rain always seems to appear at the weekends. Barely a Sunday has gone by without a smattering of precipitation at some point. This brings back to notice the dichotomy of ‘why does it always rain at weekends?’ Try googling that on the interweb, where it has been statistically proved (by statisticians) and scientifically proved (by scientists) that it is more likely to rain on Saturday (or more probably Sunday) due to air pollution increasing during the working week and drifting up into the atmosphere, the warmer air producing rain. But the more general view is that it is all the fault of the communists and sexual perverts at the BBC.

This is known as the ‘Aerosol Effect’ (or something like that), Section 9, Para 3 of ‘Sod’s Law’, where it is more likely for lousy weather to occur at Bank Holiday weekends. The perennial problem is of course that the UK lies bang in the middle of two global weather systems – cold air falling down from the North Pole and warm air drifting up from the tropics. When they meet it invariably produces unpredictable low pressure systems, especially when the prevailing winds from the Atlantic (the Jet Stream) lies south of the UK.

Hope that clears things up. Better luck next week.

'It's a worldy, Jeff!'
‘It’s a worldy, Jeff!’

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