Minutes of 2015 AGM

Judd Street Tigers Cricket Club Annual General Meeting – held at The Island Queen, Islington, 4 December 2015

MEMBERS PRESENT – Steve Bignell, Chris Boden, Richard Burgess, Ian Daffern, Chris Dane, Phil Hill, John McGirr, Dave Rawlings, Steve Rennie, Stewart Taylor, Andy Ward, Simon Warren, Matt Webster, Chris Wright (14)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Rowan Allerton, Stuart Carter, Mike Delanian, Mike Herlihy, James Lord, Craig Murray, Barnaby Pinfield, Ian Porton (8)

The Chairman (Chris Wright) opened the meeting with an inspirational speech attempting to cast some light on the role of the Executive Committee, running the club behind the scenes and not always appreciated. He then identified one of the main reasons for the club’s lack of success in 2015; viz: the bowling attack, particularly the support bowlers. To this end, he announced the institution of the ‘Tiger Bowling Scholarship’, whereby some of the younger (and not so young) bowlers could receive some professional coaching, funded by the club. It was stated this would cost £73 per session.

The captain (Stewart Taylor) then addressed the meeting, stating that it had been a disappointing season overall, but had improved considerably towards the end, as he himself had grown into the role and was enjoying it more as the season progressed, particularly when he had at last a full strength team at his disposal. The visit to Porto had been wonderful and hoped it be continued. One of the most pleasing aspects of the year had been the return to full fitness of Matt Webster following a serious illness. He thanked Richard Burgess (vice-captain) for stepping in on the occasions he was unavailable and also Steve Bignell for his valuable work off the field, and further encouraged everyone to seek out new players for the club in 2016.

The Treasurer (Steve Bignell) then advised the meeting that the finances were in a healthy state again, with a surplus of over £900, though this would be substantially reduced once the AGM costs, next year’s nets and trophies had been paid for. It was not intended to increase subscriptions and match fees at present, though this may be influenced by the possible association with Winchmore Hill CC (see below). There were no objections to continuing the annual payment to the World Wildlife (Save the Tiger) Fund.

The Chairman and Fixture Secretary (Matt Webster) then advised the meeting of the recent discussion with officials from Winchmore Hill. The approach from WH is that they are suggesting the Tigers affiliate with WHCC (in effect as their Sunday social team), as they wish to increase their own membership, since they are now basically a youth-orientated club with little scope for older members who no longer wish to participate in formal league cricket, and may want to play a friendly Sunday match. This would be beneficial to both clubs, as those who wish to join WHCC would be eligible for some lower level league cricket if they so desired. The biggest drawback at present would appear to be the WHCC annual membership fee of £150, so some financial issues would need to be ironed out. Accordingly, negotiations would be ongoing in this regard. The membership was agreeable to this in principle.

The Fixture Secretary then advised the meeting that most fixtures had now been scheduled for 2016, with a return to Porto on 14/15 May, plus a home weekend away in Essex/Herts 18/19 June. A maximum of 24 games would be arranged, at least half of which would be at Winchmore Hill, although in practice this would probably end up as 20-21 games due to cancellations, etc.

The club officials and therefore Executive committee were all re-elected unopposed as follows:

Stewart Taylor (Captain), Richard Burgess (Vice-captain), Chris Wright (Chairman), Matt Webster (Fixture Secretary/Vice-Chairman), Steve Bignell (Secretary/Treasurer) and Chris Dane (Committee member).


The membership then voted on the annual awards as follows:

Stewart Taylor (Player of the Year), Mike Herlihy (Batsman of the Year), Matt Webster (Bowler of the Year), Rowan Allerton (Fielder of the Year), Steve Bignell (Captain’s Award), Richard Burgess (Champagne Moment for karaoke rendition in Porto).

There were no prospective new members, but see WH situation above.

Chris Wright confirmed that six net sessions had been booked at Lord’s for Mar/Apr 2016.

In Any Other Business, the possibility of competing in a winter Indoor Cricket League was mooted, though as this would require a regular eight players it seemed unlikely to be feasible. A Quiz Night was also suggested for Jan/Feb 2016 – referred to Dave Rawlings.

Steve Bignell then brought up the idea of a fixture with Finchley Gunns (the ladies team that plays at Winchmore Hill) as this would generate some positive publicity for all clubs involved, and could be pitched as a charity event. Unsurprisingly, this generated the expected juvenile reaction from the meeting. Despite the derision Steve agreed to look into the possibility of such a contest for 2016.


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  1. Like Leon Trotsky, I find myself written out of history. (Or at least the AGM minutes)What next an ice pick in the bath?

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