Stillness and speed

Great sports photography has the ability to capture a whole era in a single moment in time. Cameron Spencer’s 1/140 sec masterpiece for Getty images illustrates this perfectly. Usain Bolt takes time to smile at the camera, his face perfectly still against a speed-blurred background, while mortals strain their bodies beyond their limit, grimacing in his wake. Bolt is not racing with equals, the picture shouts, he is teasing mortals.

bolt speed

It’s the same message that comes loud and clear from this picture from our 2014 encounter against Fives CC at the Hill. Wrighty, not for the first time in his career, has gone aerial. All heads turn to the heavens, seeking providence, seeking redemption, seeking. Well not quite all. Hillbilly has no need of sensory confirmation. He’s not one of us, he knows. He knows that it’s tea that really matters, everything else is noise.

A whole era in 1/140 sec.

Wrighty skyer

* Usain Bolt went on to win the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m gold medals, never caught, never troubled, never equalled. Wrighty’s sand-wedge miraculously evaded all fielders, bringing him yet another of his 54 runs that day. Hillbilly’s other-worldly powers continue to take him to other-wordly places we cannot see, most recently King’s Lynn.



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