Dinder match – rained off

Well technically not rained off.  The pitch, having received about 20 inches of the wet stuff over the last week, and with weekend temperatures colder than December giving it no time to dry out, has been deemed unfit for play.  Par for the course in this clusterfuck of a spring.

Next week’s oppo, the Whalers, managed a game today.  Though roundly beaten they at least have some overs under their belt.  For us nets seem a distant memory and any form gained in the Lords indoor school will have to be recovered quickly if we’re to get off to a positive start.  Frankly any start would be a bonus.

Enjoy the day off.


Sunday 22nd rained off

The gods of irony must be having a great laugh at our expense.  After the driest March ever, rivers & reservoirs at critical, our game is cancelled following persistent heavy rain.  Enjoy your free Sunday, and remember, NO HOSEPIPES!

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