Great sports photography has the ability to capture a whole era in a single moment in time. Cameron Spencer’s 1/140 sec masterpiece for Getty images illustrates this perfectly. Continue reading “Stillness and speed”


The Amateur Gentleman’s New Year Review


Greetings, Tiger devotees, and a prosperous New Year

To commence, one has sadly to report that one is once again dans le chenil, so to speak, following one’s remarks regarding young ladies (I must not call them ‘fillies’!) attempting to play cricket, to which Lady B-P (no mean sportswoman herself) has taken extreme umbrage and administered oneself severe chastisement, to the extent that the covers are back on the wicket again, with no prospect of play in the foreseeable future. I fear my dear lady spouse is becoming something of a suffragette (she certainly makes oneself suffer!).
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A 12th man at silly mid-on (Pt2)

From our Arts correspondent Barry Tynan

Cricket and popular culture have always proved uncomfortable bedfellows. Although on safer ground with fiction and poetry, the sport has struggled with attempts to bring realism to TV or the cinema, whilst any worthy cricket music is thin on the ground. Continue reading “A 12th man at silly mid-on (Pt2)”

Mantra of the beast

This season saw the passing of Tim Graham. Bon viveur, dandy, cricket-loving poet, captain & organiser of the VCC, and all round good guy, we’re all poorer for his tragically early dismissal. RIP Tim

The Amateur Gentleman’s Review

With our politically incorrect man-about-town and good egg Vyvyan Bartington-Phypps
Some toff

Greetings, plebs.

Please accept one’s profuse apologies for the long impediment since one’s previous exposition, but one has been away visiting the old family seat in Bengal shooting tigers (on second thoughts, better leave that bit out). Continue reading “The Amateur Gentleman’s Review”

Confessions of a Sunday Cricketer

From our arts correspondent Brenda Mole

Tigerweb has obtained a rare sighting of what was intended to be the last in the ‘Confessions of…’ series of low budget British sexploitation movies of the 1970’s, but sadly never fully completed and subsequently shelved – the 1978 film ‘Confessions of a Sunday Cricketer’. Continue reading “Confessions of a Sunday Cricketer”

A damp squid

Tiger Towers Monday 27 July

paul-merson-cup.ashx_This weekend turned out to be what that virtuoso of the English language – Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson – would have called ‘a damp squid’, definitely putting the pigeons in with the cats. Continue reading “A damp squid”

Stuck in the middle

The Judd Street Tigers are in the midst of a disappointing season, having won only 2 of their 13 matches so far. The team’s resident psychoanalyst, Brian Statsman, attempts to place his nerdy finger on what is going on.

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